I read an interesting article in Irish Times  about the Mock Exams. Many students may feel that Mock Exams are unnecessary and simply add to the pressure that they already feel. Time and time again students fall into the trap of not taking them seriously as they see them as pointless.

They are a vital steppingstone on your Leaving Certificate Journey and need approached with the right attitude. Here are 5 reasons why the Leaving Certificate Mock Exams are a powerful revision tool.

  1. They help to sharpen your mind and help you focus on your revision plan. You spend far longer studying than actually sitting the exam. take the time to understand what works for you, be it flash cards, mind maps, recording yourself etc and practice!! Past exam papers are key at this stage of the year and a must for all students.
  2. They give you an opportunity to practice your exam technique and timing. Having a trial run at actually sitting 9/10 exams over a short period of time is invaluable and gives you an opportunity to work under pressure and craft concise exam answers under a set period of time.
  3. They help grow your confidence and concentration. The Leaving Certificate is in essence an memory exam. You must practice recalling information. daily practice of exam questions is essential See my Study Skills Course here on the SQ3R reading method, note taking and other study tips.
  4. They test your current abilities and understanding of the subject. In order to improve at anything it is essential to first know your starting point. See our tips section for a guide to creating a study plan
  5. Working towards “taking a test” is a powerful motivator. Aimlessly studying all day every day gets very monotonous. You NEED to have a goal in sight. USE the experience of the mocks to enhance your studying capacity.