Leaving Certificate Biology Exam tips

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For Leaving Certificate Biology students an excellent resource for revision can also be found at Khan Academy.

Below is the Leaving Certificate Biology Syllabus and exam structure..

Subject Content

The course is divided into three units.

Unit 1 The study of life ( ecology and food science)

Unit 2 The Cell (Genetics, photosynthesis, respiration and enzymes)

Unit 3 The organism (A study of body systems, plant biology and microbiology)


There are 22 mandatory practical activities. Three of these are examined each year, two of which have to be answered. A laboratory record of these activities has to be kept and available for inspection by The Department of Education and Science.

Exam Structure

The examination at higher and ordinary level is three hours duration.

The exam paper is divided into three units.

Section A Six short questions (answer five) 100 marks. Recommended to spend 30 minutes on this section

Section B Three questions on practical activities (answer two) 60 marks. Also spend 30 minutes on this section.

Section C Six long questions (answer four) 240 marks. Spend 25 minutes per question.


This leaves 10 minutes at the start to read the paper and 10 minutes at the end to read over your work.