The Irish Oral Exam can be a stressful time for many leaving certificate students, as it is the first real taste of Exam pressure.    Below are a few bits of advice to help you prepare:-

Be familiar with the layout of the exam.   The exam is worth 40% of the total marks in the Leaving Certificate.    The Irish Oral lasts about 15 minutes and is split into 4 sections.

  1. Have a ‘Welcome’ prepared.   Students will be asked a few questions to put them at ease at the beginning of the exam, which accounts for 5 marks.
  2. Practice an tSraith Pictiur .   Students will be asked to pick at random one Sraith Pictiur and therefore it is important to practice them.   There are 80 marks available for this section.
  3. Be prepared for the Comhra.   This is the final section of the exam and can last for about 8 minutes.   The examiner will ask questions on a variety of topics. Use eye contact, smile and be pleasant.
  4. Know your poems.  There are 35 marks available for this section.   Record yourself reciting the poems and listen back.    Practice, Practice, Practice.

Keep Talking – Don’t wait for the examiner to ask you questions – offer information.   Steer the conversation.    If you have no interest in sport, don’t say that you do.   Tell the examiner what you are interested in and they will ask you questions on this.     Listen to the questions being asked.

Watch TG4 or listen to RnaG podcasts – Take time each day to listen to TG4 -at least 15 minutes.

Don’t Panic – Be confident in the preparation that you have done.    Preparation is key.    To assist with preparing for the Irish Oral examination, we are holding an intensive Irish Oral preparation course  in Laois Tutorial on the 15th and 16th February.   Limited spaces so book early.