The Leaving Certificate Irish Exam is divided into three different sections:

1. Oral Exam – This consists of a conversation between you and your examiner. This will place a special emphasis on topics linked to the student’s own life, surroundings and current affairs. This is a great opportunity to showcase your conversational Irish and direct the conversation towards topics you have prepared and are familiar with.
2. Aural Exam – A CD will be played and you answer questions based on what you hear. This will focus on your listening skills through Irish.
3. Written Exam – Your reading & written skills will be tested in this section through articles, questions, letters, postcards, essays, and stories in Irish.

The Oral Exam is now worth 40% of the overall mark and it takes place after the Easter Mid-Term. It is vital to maximise your marks here and taking our oral preparation day will help you gain confidence in this area.

The Aural Exam takes place on the same day as the written paper and has been shortened in length as part of the new syllabus. The Aural Exam now will last about 20-25 minutes.

Breakdown of the Oral Exam

Aithris filíochta235
Straith Pictúir480
Iomlán240 (40%)

Our tailored Oral preparation days will focus on Comhrá, encompassing important everyday topics and special topics that are in the news of late. All students will get a full mock oral with feedback from a practiced examiner which will be vital to improving grades.